Urgent Appeal

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Children from Shan State need your help to continue their education!

Although the Shans are fleeing from the civil war and ongoing human rights abuses inside Shan State, they are not recognized as refugees in Thailand and are denied safe refuge and have difficulty accessing humanitarian support, including health care and education. Therefore, Shan communities on the Thai–Burmese border and the Shan Women’s Action Network (SWAN) have set up informal schools for children of displaced Shans in the border areas along Shan State in Burma with the support of international and private donors.

We have been supporting 15 schools and four orphanages along the border and inside Shan State (6 nurseries and 9 primary schools) with over 2,000 Shan children and more than 400 orphans, as well as scholarships for 100 students to further their education. The support includes educational materials, lunch and milk, transportation for the students, and stipends for teachers and cooks. We have also received increased requests from inside Shan State to set up more schools as there are no proper schools in their communities. Thanks to our donors, especially to Burma Lifeline, the Danish Burma Committee, Department for International Development -UK, Help Without Frontiers, Foundation for the People of Burma (now Community Partners International), SWAN’s Education Program has managed to provide support until the 2011-2012 school year.

However, because of the recent political developments inside Burma, there have been challenges for most border-based organizations to raise funding to operate existing program activities. For SWAN, we have been able to raise only 20 percent of funds needed for the upcoming school year starting this May. We are very concerned about the funding situation, which will determine the future of these displaced children from Shan State.

Therefore, we would like to seek your help to support our children’s future. The cost of sending one child to school is only $100 (3,200 baht) per year. Your kind support and donation will help our children to continue their education!

Shan Women’s Action Network (SWAN)

28 March 2012