“Heng Jai Ying” (Girl’s Power)

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Girls Power radio program
Due to the lack of communication infrastructure in Shan State, daily radio news remains the favoured platform for news and information.The “Heng Jai Ying” radio program has been on air since 2009. “Heng Jai Ying” means “Girl’s Power” and is the name of our program in Shan language. Girl’s Power usually includes news, information on a wide and variety of issues including health information for women and children, peace building, environment, women’s issues and basic politics, and updates of SWAN’s activities.

Every Wednesday SWAN broadcast a series “Women’s Health issues,” mainly focusing on reproductive health. On Thursdays, SWAN DJs provide general knowledge for women such as domestic violence, child abuse, counseling, and the Thai policies on migrant children, etc. The main aim of Monday and Tuesday’s onlin broadcasting is to provide greater access to news reports on the situation in Burma (especially Shan State) to the people in Burma and Thailand, and the wider international community.

During the program, people can phone in to the radio station, and on average 8-13 people call to discuss issues and give suggestions.

11295687 906421509397164 949833434316073983 nOver the many years of broadcasting, we have learnt that our female audience is very interested in and want to learn more about women’s reproductive health, including family planning and breast-feeding etc. They have started to raise their concerns as women which is a huge step towards empowerment. The feedback and comments we receive though radio is another avenue from which we collate communities’ felt and expressed needs, which intern affects SWAN programming and advocacy.

There are two radio stations that Girl's Power radio program can be heard on locally; in Chiang Mai area and around Fang, on the thai-Burma border. Live-streaming on two websites, four days per week ensures that people that live around the world can hear issues from the ground and link with others listening to and discussing women’s issues and the situation in Burma. We are currently working on broadening our geographical range by organising a partnership that would see Girl’s Power being played on radios much further into Shan State than the border areas. We expect this to be operational by the end of 2016.

Girl’s Power Radio can be heard online 4 days per week, and listeners are encouraged to phone-in during broadcasting. Tune in each Monday and Tuesday 13:00pm – 14:00pm, Bangkok time, at www.radio.panglong.org, and also Wednesdays and Thursdays from 13:00pm – 15:00pm on www.mapradio.org/mapcm/