Information & Documentation Department

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  • Production of Shan and English magazines, booklets, posters and leaflets on gender issues and human rights
  • Documentation of violence against women
  • Publication of reports on the situation of women inside Shan State and Thailand
  • “Girl’s Power” Radio
  • Audio-video production
  • Website in four languages ( English, Thai, Burmese & Shan)

The Information and Documentation Department oversees all of SWAN’s media output including website, social media, community radio, magazines and film productions, and works to document cases of human rights abuses and violence against women. ID also documents all SWAN meetings and maintains all photo and film archives. When called upon by our other departments, programs and projects, or for a campaign, ID will also make posters and leaflets; these have tended to all be on gender issues and human rights.

Within Burma, there is limited access to news and internet, particularly in rural areas, so printed media is still very much needed. Our magazines are important to people living both in Thailand and those still in Burma; be it in their own communities or having already fled into Internally Displaced Peoples’ (IDP) Camps. In 2015, we began to write our magazines in Burmese; this is due to the Shan written language having been suppressed and many Shan people being educated to read and write only in Burmese. We will continue however to provide 3-4 magazines per year in Shan language while our Education Department ensures they work with thousands of children per year in Shan language skills in the Shan Summer Literacy Courses, and our Women’s Empowerment Program  provide Shan women with Literacy Training.

Due to the lack of communication infrastructure in Shan State, daily radio remains the favoured platform for news and information. SWAN’s radio program, “Heng Jai Ying” (which translates from Shan as Girl’s Power) takes women’s rights and issues as its focus, ensuring women’s voices are heard through this important medium. There are three stations that Girl's Power radio program can be heard on. Live-streaming on two websites, four days per week ensures that people that live around the world but come originally from Shan State can hear issues from the ground and link with others listening to and discussing women’s issues. We are currently working on broadening our geographical range by organising a partnership that would see Girl’s Power being played on radios much further into Shan State than the border areas and expect this to be operational by the end of 2016. Girl’s Power Radio can be heard online four days per week, and listeners are encouraged to phone-in during broadcasting. Tune in each Monday and Tuesday 13:00pm – 14:00pm, Bangkok time, to, and Wednesdays and Thursdays from 13:00pm – 15:00pm to

ID’s latest audio-video production was made in response to continuous requests from women in Shan State to provide drug education to local people in an accessible format. Our Documentary, 'Its Time To Shatter The Silence' was launched at SWAN's 16th Anniversary and Annual General Meeting in May, 2015. It covers the widespread misuse of opium, heroin and methamphetamines, and how husband’s addictions’ or those of another close family member can overburden women further, and emotionally and financially affect whole families. It also highlights how Shan children and youths are at a heightened risk due to exposure to such widespread addiction. It follows that the work of SWAN’s programs is having an impact by both maintaining Shan culture, and providing education and capacity building. SWAN’s Information and Documentation Department is currently working on our 2016 production: an education video about both males and females being involved in family planning and keeping girls and young women engaged in their education.

To see more and follow the work of the ID Department visit our Facebook community ‘Shan Women’s Action Network (SWAN)’, follow us on Twitter @Shanwomen, and subscribe to our Youtube channel ‘Swan Kenneri' to see older video productions made by the ID Department.