“Heng Jai Ying” (Girl’s Power)

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logo darkThe Girl’s Power Radio Program has been on air since 2009. It is broadcast on FM 99 MHz frequency twice a week starting from 13:00-15:00. Its frequency ranges reaching the audiences as far as or within a 35-squared kilometer range in and around the city. The program “Girl’s Power” usually includes news,  information on a wide and variety of issues including health information for women and children, peace building and environment,  women and basic politics etc. and updates of SWAN’s activities.

Every Wednesday SWAN broadcast a series “Women’s Health issues,” mainly focusing on reproductive health. On Thursdays, SWAN DJs provide general knowledge for women such as domestic violence, child abuse, counseling, and the Thai policies on migrant children, etc.

During the program, people can phone in to the radio station, and on average 8-13 people call to discuss and give suggestions.

It is also learned that women audience are very interested in and want to learn more about women’s reproductive health, including family planning and breast-feeding etc. They have started to raise their concerns as women.

Through feedback, the audience requests SWAN to produce more media production both audio and visual on various issues.   SWAN also believes that we can do much better programs with full-time staff working not only on this radio program, but also on audio-visual production for the empowerment of women in the community.